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Sand Buggy Safari Dubai


Our popular company Dune buggy Adventure Dubai has come up with a unique service to offer buggy safari to our lovely tourists at affordable prices. We are the foremost company who always try coming up with unique adventure activities.We are the first company to provide Dubai buggy safari to all our tourists on the dunes. Our buggies can give you a roller coaster ride on sand and can give you an amazing experience to enjoy the world of dune buggies.


Off Road tour

Presently anyone can persevere through the rush of hustling through the Sand buggy Dubai desert on our guided rough terrain carriage visit. Experience the Dubai buggy safari and get the incredible feelings through this ride. With naturally modified gearboxes and 4-wheel drive framework, passing through the sand hills isn’t troublesome any longer. One of our teachers will go with you through the ride, and together you all will experience one hell of an undertaking!

Our essential objective is to keep you protected and controlled while taking the full involvement of adrenaline hustling and along these lines we offer this guided visit – There will be a lot of rush, quickening, and fervor while driving on harsh landscape. Appreciate extraordinary compared to other rise surrey safari drives in deserts introduced by Dubai Adventures.


Desert Ride

Our buggies at Dunebuggy adventure Dubai include power stops, amazing turns, great speed and much more which can thrill and excite you more. This can be your ultimate desert ride ever. Our buggies are high on the actions and thrills as we are the best and providing everyone a wonderful option to explore Dubai in a rich way.

Our Dubai buggy safari is definitely for all the adventure enthusiasts. Our personalized designed two seats of Dune buggies proffer high-level cc and come along with manual gears for giving ultimate adventure ride in the desert. You can even self-drive our buggies without any hassle.


How the Dune Bashes

Yes, either you can drive these buggies on your own or you can ask, friend, to be the driver or a partner in your buggy ride. You can truly experience how the dune bashes, all our activities are performed away from the crowd to offer you a free pathway to experience and explore.

Sand Dunes Dubai Buggy welcomes everyone, so don’t worry about being an experienced driver. Well, this can be the best way for exploring sand dunes of Dubai rather going for regular camel rides or others. As soon as you will arrive at the Dubai camp place, you will be asked to jump onboard on our amazing dune buggies.

Make Your

Dubai Tour Memorable

Our sand dunes Dubai buggy is a four wheel drive which includes automatic gearboxes. The best part, you don’t have to show any license for driving this. The next time whenever you are in Dubai, you must never miss out the great opportunity to ride our dune buggies. Our services can surely make your Dubai tour memorable.

Our dune buggies are specially designed and they are the 4 wheel drive. All the tourists opting for this incredible ride can have fun moments and this can be a lifetime opportunity for all. These rides are safer for all the riders and you just need to have basic driving skills to get started.

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