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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Desert Dune Buggy Experience?

Planning a trip to Dubai but haven’t added dune buggy ride experience on your to-do list? Well, if you are an adventure enthusiast, you must rent a buggy in Dubai and have a thrilling and memorable adventure of a lifetime. A dune buggy is a lightweight vehicle to navigate the uncharted territories of vast desert of the emirate, that too, at high speeds through high and low dunes. Surely, a great way to explore the Dubai desert. Got questions about desert dune buggy experience? Well, we have come up with this blog to help you have the best dune buggy ride. Let’s take a look!

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Tips To Have The Best Dune Buggy Ride

1. Choose The Right Dune Buggy

Keep in mind that if you are a beginner, go for an easy route for you to enjoy your dune buggy ride for the first time. However, if you can take risks, you may choose a challenging route for maximum enjoyment. Moreover, you need to pick the right desert dune buggy as there are several options available. Consider your budget, type of terrain, and your driving style before you pick a buggy.

2. Wear Safety Equipment

Wearing safety equipment and appropriate clothing is essential for the buggy ride. Be sure that your helmet properly fits the head without causing any discomfort. Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sand and wear knee pads to be safe. During summer season, it is also essential to wear gloves to avoid skin burns caused by the scorching heat. Dune Buggy Adventure provides all the safety equipment because there is nothing more important to us than your well being.

3. Take Good Care Of Skin

We all know that deserts have scorching heat due to high temperature, so it is best to take good care of your skin to avoid any sunburn. Make sure to bring sunscreen and lotion to protect your skin against ultraviolet rays and apply it throughout the day of your tour as you will be spending hours in the desert. After all, it is always better to plan ahead and take precautions to avoid any mishap.

4. Keep Yourself Refreshed

Dune buggy ride experience can be exhausting, so staying hydrated should be the utmost priority. Drink lots and lots of water to prevent dehydration, it will also boost your energy levels. As the adventure takes place in Dubai’s hot desert climate, you will likely sweat a great deal during the ride, so it’s best to carry a water bottle when you are on the go. At Dune Buggy Adventure, we have packages with refreshment options, so if you feel thirsty during the ride, ask our tour guide to provide water and snacks. Also, remember not to eat anything heavy before the ride to avoid an upset stomach. Dune buggy rides are bumpy and having a heavy stomach might make you feel nauseous and ruin your whole experience.

5. Drive Your Buggy At A Safe Speed

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Another important tip is keeping it safe from fellow dune buggy drivers, otherwise you all might get hurt. Carefully drive when in the field, and if you see other buggies approaching near you, slow down to avoid any fatal collision. Desert terrain is rough, and braking a fast-moving buggy might be difficult, but you can easily do it with little practice and patience. Driving your desert dune buggy at a safe speed is essential as it will let you handle the buggy at sharp turns and slow down whenever needed. Ask your tour guide about the speed limit and other factors to keep it safe in the sand. Also, regardless of buggy, any vehicle you drive at a proper speed keeps you safe from injury and accidents.

6. Always Follow The Instructions

Dubai desert has irregular tracks and getting lost is a possibility, so be sure to strictly follow the directions provided by your instructor. We have professional tour guides with years of experience, guiding tourists on dune buggy rides, and they know everything that might happen on tour along with the tour paths, so always follow their guide.

7. Check The Buggy For Any Damage

Before staring the ride, inspect your rental dune buggy for any faulty part that could result in an accident. Make sure you test-drive the buggy and notice any strange sounds from the engine. If any peculiar sounds come from the engine, immediately reject that buggy and request a new one. Additionally, ensure that the handlebars are securely mounted, the fuel tank is full, and the breaks are working correctly. After completing this thorough inspection, you may proceed to your dune buggy tour.

8. Go For Group Buggy Rides

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Solo dune buggy rides are fun and all, but you know what’s even better? Having this thrilling experience with your loved ones. The Buggy trail and adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to experience the excitement of off-roading in the Dubai desert. The Duo Dune buggy is perfect for couples or friends who want to share the adventure. The Family Dune buggy is ideal for families with children, comes with different seater options available to accommodate different group sizes.

To Sum It Up…

We hope that you find this blog well-informative and useful. Dune buggy adventure is a memorable experience and once you try it, there is no coming back. At Dune Buggy Adventure, our priority is the safety of our guests. We provide top-notch safety equipment and reliable buggies to ensure your safety and well being. Connect with us via call or email for bookings and reservations. We would love to serve you the best!

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